Semi-automatic saws have powered material clamping and controlled blade feed rate that is initiated with a foot switch actuation, for fast cutting different size of metal pipes.

A semi-automatic coldsaw usually has a foot switch start that initiates the cycle. The blade starts, the powered vice clamps the workpiece and the cutting head feeds the blade through the material at a controlled rate. Powered bow raise lifts the head after the piece has been cut.

  • High production rates, ideal for short batch runs,
  • Foot switch actuation
  • Hydro-pneumatic operation of saw head smoothes descent for optimum cut
  • Cutting speed regulator
  • Adjustable head stroke according to the dimensions of the material which has to be cut
  • 2 speed main motor
  • 45° right to 45° left cutting
  • Centralising heavy duty split vice
  • Coolant tank and electric pump for blade lubrication and cooling

Optional Accessories:

  • Material support roller
  • Saw Blade


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