High performance punching laser

Punching Lasers

The alternative to mechanical connection methods

The alternative to mechanical connection methodsAn alternative to mechanical connection methods, the punching laser works contactless and without wear. Very high flexibility, machining speed and production quality, as well as the simplification of the process chain, are often primary factors.

BRUDERER can rely on knowledge gained over many years and has established an international reputation as a system supplier for the integration of laser lines into existing or new stamping processes.

Process-optimized solutions

Process-optimized solutionsAs a one-stop shop, we can supply products and services covering everything from consultancy to acceptance of an entire production plant on your site. We focus on the rapid implementation of technical theory and process-oriented customer innovation.

Competence in the area of punching laser

Competence in the area of punching laserIn TRUMPF – a world-market and technology leader in the industrial laser sector – we have a powerful and expert partner. The devices are able to meet the most exacting of requirements, have been optimized for use in the harsh environments of stamping departments and comply with legislatory requirements in respect of laser protection class 1.


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