The PCS MHB is designed for multi-process, high productivity plate processing with a large focus on machine rigidity and capability. The MHB comes standard with a state-of-the-art 3 DIGITAL axis CNC drill capable of High Speed Drilling, Tapping, Boring and Countersinking.  Optional configuration of Flame cutting, Plasma cutting, Plasma & Flame Bevelling, Pipe Cutting, Ink Jet Printing, Pin Marking or any combination, all with precision motion control – you’re possibilities are endless!

PCS MHB at a glance:

  • 30HP, BT-40, 5000rpm main spindle
  • Drill up to 55mm holes (using HIGH SPEED tooling)
  • Tap up to 35mm
  • 24 tool Automatic Tool Changer (tool change time ~2.5sec)
  • Through Tool Coolant. Flood coolant, Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL) or both!
  • Multiple Machining Operations – Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Counter boring, Counter sinking, Marking
  • Multiple Cutting Operations – Plasma, Plasma Bevel, Flame, Flame Bevel
  • Class Leading Burny 10 PC based CNC on custom PCS flat panel touch screen (up to 21.5”)
  • Manufactured from NON-PROPRIETRY components
  • State-Of-The-Art Motion Control System – Bosch Rexroth digital drives and motors with absolute encoders
  • Dual Ballscrew for servo driven feed and clamp
  • Up to 1 ton of clamping downforce
  • 20m/min traverse speed (limited)
  • Ultra Heavy Duty floor mounted rail system made of machine hardened billet
  • Automatic rail cleaning/polishing system. Cleans and polishes running surface as machine traverses
    • Hypertherm HPRXD Plasma
    • KALIBURN Spirit II Plasma
    • PCS Zero-Offset Plasma Bevel Head
    • Oxy Fuel cutting head
    • PCS Triple Burner Oxy Fuel Head
    • Paint Jet Marking
    • Pin Marking

Key Factors when considering a combination Plasma Cutting and Drilling machine:

Machine Mass:
The MHB main beam weighs in at over 4 metric tons. Large mass is crucial for high speed drilling. Unlike a standalone machining centre, plate profile machines such as the MHB are dynamic and process plate on a hollow cutting/drilling bed. This leads to what can be severe vibrations when drilling/machining. Therefore, the machine needs as much mass behind it as possible in order to minimise vibrations when drilling. Less vibrations = Faster drilling and better tool life!

Solid Cutting/Drilling Table:
Often overlooked, the cutting/drilling table is AS IMPORTANT as the machine on top of it. PCS cutting/drilling tables are built just as tough as the MHB machine. They have several supports connecting the steel plate directly to the concrete floor. Again, this is to minimise vibrations that are common with high speed drilling on profile machines.

High productivity is a crucial factor when investing in capital equipment such as profile cutting machines. The MHB achieves high productivity thanks to Machine Mass and Solid Cutting/Drilling Table as described above. Fast drilling times and good tool life are key factors in achieving high productivity.

Coolant System:
PCS offer a Flood Coolant System, a UNIST Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL) system, external spindle jets or any combination on MHB series cutting and drilling machines

Ease of Operation:
PCS have developed a state-of-the-art drilling HMI which integrates seamlessly with the tried and trusted Burny 10 CNC. With pre-loaded drilling libraries, the operator doesn’t require an in depth knowledge of drilling speeds and feeds. The HMI was designed to be extremely user friendly and as such can be mastered in literally seconds!


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