Overhauling of Stamping Presses and Feed Units

It is a well-known fact that our products have a service life of several decades, even under permanent load around the clock. In spite of extremely high demands in respect of production quality and selection of materials, even high-precision top-class equipment like this will start to wear over time and need to be overhauled.

We overhaul the complete machine or just individual assemblies such as feed units.

Retro Fitting

1A retrofit can be an attractive alternative to a new stamping press. There is often more potential in a used machine than you think. By replacing outdated components and adding new, current technologies, existing machines are brought up to date and can achieve performance levels matching those of a new machine. One of the possibilities is, for example, an extended tool loading area.



Retrofitting of parts

2We pride ourselves in the further development and constant improvement of our products. New technologies and applications may require equipment changes or allow retrofitting of new functions to your stamping press. Let our competent specialists advise you.



Used machines

3Who but the original manufacturer is in a better position to refurbish used BRUDERER stamping presses?

A stamping press overhauled by BRUDERER will demonstrate the same performance as the original status of the machine when it left the assembly works many years before. This explains why used machines which have been refurbished by BRUDERER are in such great demand. Are you looking for a used BRUDERER stamping press? If so, contact us today.


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