NF-PRO 315 Series

Fiber laser technology opened a new page in the sheet metal processing industry.

Nukon Fiber Laser is manufactured to meet the expactations of a fast pace changing production sphere.

This machine is constructed according to the versatile design of Nukon’s engineers.

  •  The machine can be produced in the following working sheet size options: 1500x3000mm, 2000x4000mm, 2000x6000mm
  • The fiber laser resonator has a modul structure (For example, after a certain time in which you have been using a 1kW resonator you can decide to change it to 2kW and you just have to add new modules.)
  • The laser beam is transmitted to the cutting head via a fiber optic cable, without losses. By this means, you can get an excellent cutting quality and accuracy.
  • Easy to use, operator-friendly cutting head control.
  • It is user and environmentally-friendly with its low energy consumption. For instance, the total energy consumption for 2kW laser is 20kW.
  • Mechanically robust and rigid main body
  • Conveyer system for discharging slags and materials
  • Auto dual pallette exchange hyudraulic shuttle table system
  • System to illuminate the work area is part of the standard equipment
  • It has ISO-9001 TSE and CE quality documents.
  • Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass material cutting is possible

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