HD Plasma

General Characteristics of Plasma Cutter

  • Visual opportunily to cut comfortably with 19”TFT LCD touch screen monitor
  • Positioning capability at high speeds through double-sided gear drive.
  • Ability to maintain constant at the same height and the quality with the Arc contor sensor.
  • 20m/min speed with linear quide ways. Linear and precise cutting ability at X and Y axes.
  • Possibility of sorting hundreds of pieces on the plate with a single click
  • The duration of the cut piece and the opportunity to see on the screen as a percentage of waste
  • Opportunity to see the duration of the cut and the percentage of the waste on the screen.
  • Bridge system, dozens of piece out with a single piercing. Work in a cleasn and refreshing environment with the suction system.
  • Ability to cut in different sizes (such as;1500×3000,1500×6000,2000×40000,2000×6000,2500×6000,2500×8000) with a minimum space and withourt any lose

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