Folding Machines

Folding Machines

Our most popular machines are known by many names; brake, bending machine, CNC bender, metal bender, metal folder, power bender. At CIDAN Machinery we call them folding machines.

Folding machines from CIDAN Machinery is the best solution for companies who are looking for flexibility in their production and who have an environmentally friendly approach with the aim of cutting down on costs.

A typical hydraulic folding machine usually uses up to 1300-2000 additional hours of electricity annually, just to keep the hydraulic unit running during one shift.
CIDAN Machinery´s folding machines only use power when operating which leads to reduced costs for electricity.


  • Fast start up time
  • Fast setup
  • Leaves no marking on polished, painted or sensitive material
  • Low noise
  • Larger parts can be processed by a single operator
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Blank inaccuracy is corrected on the first bend
  • One set of universal tooling for life of machine
  • Programming and operation by non-skilled operators
  • Main part of material on back gauge during folding
  • Less risk of collision with operator during folding

CIDAN folding machines are not using oil as they are electro mechanical machines. This makes them environmentally friendly and reduces the operating cost since there will be no yearly oil changes and thus less costs for maintenance.

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