Faccin Plate Rolls

Specialist in the design, manufacturing and sale of bending rolls, Faccin offers the widest range of plate bending machines available on the international market. Faccin bending rolls, suitable for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses, are technologically advanced products capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.

With the aim to best satisfy every application requirement, Faccin produces and sells various types of plate bending machines. The range includes three models suitable for bending thin plates: HCU, 2-roll bending roll with high speed and very high productivity, the ASI 3-roll initial pinch bending roll and model 3HEL, electronic 3-roll pyramid bending roll with double pinch. For rolling thicker plates, Faccin produces and offers two different models: 4HEL, a 4-roll pyramid electronic bending roll, and HAV, a 3-roll variable geometry bending roll.


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