BRUDERER control systems provide clarity and the highest level of control over all process cycles.


The type B2-Control and B-Essential provides the interface between the machine operator and the stamping press. Amongst the impressive features of this extraordinarily powerful machine controls are maximum operator comfort, optimum functionality and an extensive range of accessories for all manner of requirements. The open architecture supports the problem-free integration of external peripherals and the exchange of data via networks.

B2-Control – for highest demands

01_Steuerung.1380181145The multilingual display provides constant updates regarding all relevant events and operating states for the entire production plant. Tool and machine data can be displayed without interrupting production and modified if necessary.

The ram axis can be corrected manually or automatically – during the production process and to the narrowest of tolerances for maximum process reliability. Factory-set or user-defined retooling sequences provide support during retooling and prevent erroneous operator intervention.

B-Essential – the process under control

02_Steuerung.1380181145On the basis of the proven B2-Control we have designed and developed a new machine and process control. The B-Essential fulfills all requirements of a state-of-the-art control and is very easy to operate. On the big touch screen all relevant process data are visible and easily changeable without the need to go through a time consuming programming and retooling mode.

The B-Essential is available for high performance punching presses of the BSTA 200 series.

Integrated modularity for maximum functionality

03_Steuerung.1380181145The large number of proprietary modules enables to configure a specific functional scope in accordance with the requirements of individual customers’ production environments. The resulting advantages are clear: developments of all modules at the highest level, no additional third-party devices required, central and system-wide control of all functions, increased acceptance and minimized training effort on the part of employees, a partner to provide expert assistance during project planning and service – and not least an unrivaled cost-value ratio.


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