Press Rating 216 kN
Tool Loading opening 380 mm
Bolster Area 560 mm (L to R) x 400 mm (F to B)
Speed range 100 – 1800 SPM
Adjustable stroke range 8 – 36 mm
Weight Approx. 2990 kg


  • Backed by the Bruderer reputation our customers have come to rely upon,
    the Rebuilt BSTA-22E is a smart investment that delivers incredible results at an unprecedented value. Rapid Ram Lift (ram can be lifted 1.6″ beyond ram adjustment range in 5 seconds)
  • Recirculating Pressure Lubrication System including Heat Exchanger
  • Variable Speed D.C. drive for operation from 100 to 1800 SPM
  • New Super Reaction Clutch & Brake Combined
  • Adjustable Stroke for job versatility
  • Spring element hydraulically-dampened press legs
  • Electrical Control Components and heat exchanger are mounted in a special cabinet which can be located on either side of the press and include a 6 Digit Pre-determined Counter (Dual Level) Batch & Total, Solid State Electronic
  • Hour Meter
  • 8-Point Fault Indicator (self diagnostic)
  • Convenience controls provided at the press

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