Tool support brackets


As a production plant is assembled from a combination of various items of equipment, the weakest link in the resulting chain will have a direct effect on productivity and profitability. Alongside actual functionality, integration and system-wide and central control play a decisive role.

At NVictus Machinery, we can offer an extensive range of accessories which as well as meeting your individual needs, beat others hands down. What’s more, they are 100 % compatible for integration into the machine control and support system-wide control without exception.

Tool monitoring

Tool monitoringTool monitoring for material flow control via the punching tool supports the detection of: feed, double sheet, part ejection and static switch status.

  • Systems with 4, 8 or 16 inputs
  • Type of monitoring can be selected for each input
  • Indication of values in graphic format on the display
  • Simple programming
  • Full integration into B-Control

Press force monitoring

Press force monitoringPress force detection both protects the punching press against overload and supports monitoring of tool punching pressure on an individually configurable basis.

  • Systems with 2 or 4 inputs
  • Underload and overload monitoring
  • Indication of values in graphic format on the display
  • Simple programming
  • Full integration into B-Control

Position monitoring and control

Position monitoring and controlThis function monitors and controls the tool closing dimension using sensors in the tool. The ram position is regulated in order to ensure that the BDC position remains constant during the punching process.

  • Systems for up to 8 sensors
  • Monitoring of tool closing dimension to the narrowest of tolerances
  • Regulation of BDC position during the punching process
  • Position “teach-in” function
  • Full integration into B-Control

Energy control / overnight shutdown

Energy control / overnight shutdownThis module can be used to gradually step down the press drives in accordance with a predefined scenario, thereby decreasing energy consumption when production is running with reduced personnel resources:

  • Reduction to minimum speed
  • Shut down main drive
  • Shut down oil pump
  • Main switch off / disconnection of press from mains power supply
  • Full integration into B-Control

Tool clamping system

Tool clamping systemBRUDERER’s tool clamping system is suitable for use in any application. The customer-specific solutions reduce retooling times and simplify the process.

  • System for up to 24 clamping elements
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Separate oil supplies and monitoring functions for each clamping circuit
  • Outstanding clamping force of clamping elements
  • Control via B-Control

Feed length adjustment

Feed length adjustmentMotorized feed length adjustment compensates potential deviations in feed length automatically during the punching process, supports the operator during retooling and reduces erroneous operator interventions.

  • Option for BBV type feed units
  • Fully-automatic and dynamic correction of feed axis
  • Correction of feed length during stamping process
  • Tool-specific feed data storage
  • Full integration into B-Control

Tool support brackets

Tool support bracketsThe support brackets facilitate the insertion and removal of heavy punching tools and increase safety during retooling.

  • Brackets can be supplied in various sizes
  • Robust brackets with roller bearing for easy handling
  • Integrated safety elements for optimum safety
  • Locking device for tool trolleys
  • Brackets mounted on stamping press

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