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About Us

NVictus Machinery

Most people are completely unaware of how often in their daily lives they encounter products in which NVictus Machinery has had a hand. Whether you are using your mobile phone, traveling in your car, attending a football stadium, spending your small change on a chocolate bar from a vending machine or having fun with your recently purchased laptop: Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, our customers’ products will be with you all the way.

Christopher Wickliffe started NVictus Machinery, a company geared towards sheet metal and industrial products.. NVictus Machinery has expanded by representing quality manufacturers as well as suppliers for metal processing equipment. A steadily growing sales volume attracted world-class equipment lines like Faccin, Roundo, Mueller, Cidan, Piranha, Nukon, Accurl, Karmetals, Akyapak, E-MOB and many more. With each individual company we represent, we gain in-depth engineering knowledge combined with field experience in how to integrate multiple pieces of equipment. We soon discovered the value of combining that engineering know-how with our integration capabilities to create world-class turnkey production systems. At first, we sold machines. Now we sell production systems. In addition to providing training, installation, and integration, we engineer the most profitable solutions – then make sure they produce!”

01. Our Mission

To globally assist companies in the development and guidance of establishing and increasing a high tech business in today’s competitive environment, while effectively reducing cost and improving cycle times in the manufacturing process.

02. Our Vision

To be the leader in the Fabrication technologies by providing our customers with the most innovative solutions that will allow their company to grow and be more efficient and to increase productivity in a competitive manufacturing environment. We listen and work closely with our customers in order to provide the best solutions needed to achieve optimal goals.

03. Our Goals

Companies in today’s market are faced with complicated challenges every day in order to stay on the innovative edge of technology. Our goal is to help companies maintain their competitive edge and profitability by reducing cost and improving cycle times within budget. We know responsiveness is key and we are always looking for ways to help customers and add value to relationships by utilizing experiences in the field.

04. Our Focus

We focus on engineering solutions, service and provide our customers with the best solution for the application. Our engineering approach ensures the customer will get optimal results by educating and providing different solutions for every budget. We want you to be knowledgeable of the technology being evaluated so you can make the best choice available. We strive to stay at the top of cutting edge processes in order to provide the best customer service.